Establishing a business continuity and disaster recovery plan is an essential part of any long-term strategy for maintaining continuous business operations. Sound disaster recovery and business continuity planning should be three things:


Prevention is your first line of defense. But when undesirable events do occur, detection before they occur is critical, and correcting the system after they occur may dictate the survival of your business.

Natural disasters and man-made accidents happen.
It’s how we plan for them that ensures our survival.

GCInfotech can help you assess how potential risks will impact your ability to deliver products and services. Don’t get caught unaware.

  • Only 35% of small businesses have a comprehensive disaster recovery plan in place.
  • An average of $84,000 is lost for every hour of downtime.
  • The survival rate of companies without a disaster recovery plan is less than 10%.

A disaster recovery plan is a subset of your business continuity plan, which accounts for maintaining all aspects of your business operating in the midst of disruptive events. Disaster recovery planning relates more specifically to the information technology systems that support your critical business functions. To effectively safeguard your business and ensure comprehensive continuity and disaster planning, it is vital to consider the potential impacts and understand the underlying risks associated with disasters such as hurricanes, fires and man-made malicious attacks on computer networks.

The economic success of a company is heavily contingent upon the sustainability and health of its IT systems. Increased awareness and urgency for sound disaster recovery planning is due in large part to events like 9/11 that revealed how reliant smooth operations and long-term survival are on the continuity of IT infrastructure. Dependence on the continuous availability of IT systems grows exponentially while many organizations maintain disaster recovery plans that are woefully out of date or inadequate. Its inherent complexity is no reason to avoid the  planning process all together.

The preparation for continuation or recovery of IT systems involves a significant amount of time and resources to ensure minimal losses in the event of a disaster.The planning process must be taken very seriously and should always encompass preventive, detective and corrective measures that are regularly documented and tested.
Before these measures can be determined, an organization needs to define which types of potential scenarios should draw most attention by considering which are most likely to occur. The sensible first step in this process is to contemplate the possible effects of each type of disaster or event. Additionally, it’s necessary to consider the scale of the risks which could result in these effects.

Companies have unique needs. If business continuity and disaster recovery plans are to remain appropriate and effective, they must be prepared with the utmost attention to detail, carefully maintained, and regularly tested and audited. GCInfotech has partnerships with industry leaders in online and remote backup services as well as significant experience with planning for resumption of critical IT infrastructure such as applications, data, hardware, networks and communication systems. We provide excellent management and support to all our clients and will not only help you plan for the unknown, but also put into place essential precautionary measures to help you defend against disasters or disruptive events in the first place.

A comprehensive data backup plan is essential to the health of your business. How much data do you have? Are you legally required to store data? For how long? How much data could your company afford to lose? Assess your needs and create a backup strategy that’s right for your organization. GCInfotech has developed strong partnerships with industry leading companies that help provide cost efficient alternatives to our clients. Agreements between hardware, network and software vendors assure low cost solutions and quick delivery. 

money_iconAvoid Costly Risks

Data recovery is a delicate business. There are many low cost methods of recovering data that can work, but none are guaranteed. Therefore, many service companies are reluctant to take the risk and deal with customer dissatisfaction.

Most service companies would charge a large sum for this type of service. You would be responsible to pay even if that service failed. Your option after a failed effort would be to try another costly data recovery procedure. Again though, this procedure would have no guarantee.

GCInfotech can and has successfully recovered data for our clients using a variety of methods. However, from this experience, we have seen that taking a proactive approach is always a more affordable and successful route for businesses.


Data/information is a far more valuable asset to most companies than their computer systems, therefore it is no wonder they spend more money on data protection and recovery. Furthermore, as companies advance their knowledge management, the data/information/knowledge will become exponentially more valuable of an asset.

In most cases, data protection is generally less expensive than data recovery. This is why all clients are advised to invest in a single and complete data integrity solution for the company (tape backup, RAID array, off-site storage, etc.) and require all their employees to utilize it. What seems like a significant investment up front on data protection pays off in the long run. We are here to help you and your employees learn effective methods of data protection.

GCInfotech has developed strong partnerships with industry leading companies such as IBackup that help provide cost efficient alternatives to our clients. A free-of-charge service we provide to our clients who use us to manage their IBackup solution is comprehensive account management that ensures the protection of your critical business data.

Using GCInfotech to manage your IBackup solution provides us with a comprehensive overview of your account that yields us valuable insight into items such as quota, backup completion status, backup set status, and billing / renewal status thereby allowing us to better manage your environment and provide any recommendations as you organization grows.  It is an added feature that GCInfotech provides for free of charge to the IBackup client.

IBackup is a reliable, secure online storage, backup, remote access and sharing solution for consumers and businesses. It safeguards your critical data in case of system crash by automatically backing it up. It is one of the most recommended and used online storage and backup providers. Global corporations, business houses and people trust IBackup for their storage and backup needs. If you are an individual looking for a storage space to store your files or an enterprise with terabytes of data to be backed up on a daily basis to a secure offsite backup location, IBackup has the right solution and the right mix of storage/backup applications.