Data security is increasingly the primary IT issue among small businesses as it is the lifeline of any organization and critical for maintaining business continuity. While natural disasters such as tornadoes and hurricanes may be rare, server failures and human error are unfortunately common occurrences. No business is immune to these problems, so having some kind of data backup is essential.
Backing up critical business data can be an intimidating prospect. The biggest challenge that most small businesses today face while entrusting their critical data for backup to an external source are:

  • Privacy: Violation of data privacy or exposure during transfer or storage
  • Failure: Cumbersome and error prone backup and restore procedures
  • Uncertainty: No guarantees of 100% recovery of lost data
  • Security: High level of risk due to data storage on local servers
  • Legal: Not meeting regulatory requirements or industry standards for data protection and retention

Many small to mid-size businesses become overwhelmed with the choices – or are intimidated by the costs – and choose DYI solutions like simple file copying to local hard drives and server systems.  We think that while in the short term a DYI approach may seem like an adequate solution, however, the risks and dangers that come with this decision are far too great.  We as a rule insist that our clients use professional backup products to ensure that this critical aspect of their business is as secure and fool proof as possible.

Once the decision to use a backup provider service is made, choosing the right backup service is a challenging proposition. With so many products in the marketplace all making substantial claims and promises and offering a suite of confusing features and payment choices, it’s hard to know what options are best for your business.


GCInfotech strongly recommends that our clients consider a network-based internet backup service called IBackup from Pro Softnet Corporation.  This solution provides off-site automated backup over the internet.  GCInfotech currently uses their services for quite a few of its other clients, as well as our own web server.  For more information about their services and to sign up for this service you can follow this link. After you sign up with online storage plan on their site, GCInfotech IT professionals will take over and manage your online backup remotely.

IBackup offers encrypted data storage to prevent tampering of financial records and electronic communication and it’s safe archival offers IT departments the surety of complying with legal and federal regulations. With the IBackup service, restoration of data can be performed remotely via the provided software or shipped overnight free of charge on an external storage unit in the event of an emergency. We are available to discuss any additional functionalities and features and assist with the set-up and future service of the software.

After years of experience working with and evaluating numerous data backup service offerings, in our view IBackup offers a quick, secure, cost effective, automated backup / restore solution with minimal human intervention – and its the backup solution we use and recommend to our clients.  Stringent privacy control measures help mitigate any type of data theft and protect the loss of data during a system crash.


  • Compatibility for Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • Allows for backup of external hard drives as well as mapped network drives
  • Offers Server backup modules
  • Mobile-friendly – apps and site interface

The Bottom Line

IBackup is a solid online backup service for businesses that need to backup servers that are easy to use, reliable, secure and mobile.  Here are a few things we like:


IBackup offers all of the requisite backup product features, including pre-scheduled backups, data compression, data encryption and incremental backups. In addition, IBackup also provides some nifty nonstandard features. One we like is the ability to e-mail file attachments directly into your online storage. Another is the ability to configure an online drive to appear as a local drive.  IBackup stores backup data in two separate data centers for extra reliability and can maintain up to 15 different versions of any individual file.


Intuitive, Ease of use:

IBackup provides features a fairly simple to use control panel. From this dashboard, you can choose the various files and data you want to back up, plus you can set a schedule of when you want the system to perform your backups, in increments if so desired.

The scheduled online data backup service will automatically send you email notifications when the backup functions are completed, and will alert you if there is an issue with a backup process, such as losing an internet connection. IBackup also features a powerful search function that allows users to easily manage multiple versions of a file, quickly view specific images and hunt down specific files and folders.

IBackup also allows selection and back up of files by specific file types – pdf, word, excel, etc., including internet data that has been stored on the users computer like as text chats, bookmarks and favorites from Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. This function makes it easy to determine which file types that need to be backed up or excluded from backup. Instead of requiring the user to know the names of certain obscure file extensions from software applications like Adobe or Corel for example, the user can simply select the type of application that is needed and IBackup will identify those file types associated with those applications for back up or exclusion.



IBackup also saves and stores email files, from most common browsers like Microsoft Outlook. The service also offers a Mac version that can work with Mac file types like Safari bookmarks and so on.



IBackup offers solid remote backup tools. Users can access their files from any computer with a simple username and password and sync their backup files to a different computer. IBackup also provides a file-sharing service separate from its core backup service that features collaboration tools for small or large groups.


Versioning feature

Have you ever deleted a file by mistake? Or have you ever inadvertently overwritten a document you are working on?

We all have been here before:  You are working on an important document, make a mistake and then accidentally save it, rendering the document totally useless; unless you are able to revert back to an older version.  It is common that we realize this issue only when it’s too late, after having saved the file and then later realizing that you need an older version in order to track back to the pre-error stage of the document. Fortunately, with IBackup, it is easy to preserve and retrieve older versions of files. IBackup allows you to retain and restore previous versions of all files backed up to your account. The platform allows you to restore as many as 30 previous file versions of a document to any location on your local computer.


Cost Effective

IBackup’s current limited-time promotion offers 25 times the standard storage capacity at the same price (this capacity level will also remain locked in for the life of your account).  The cost for 500GB of storage stands at $19.95/month, which can be reduced further by paying a one-lump yearly total of $199.50 (saving an additional $40/year). Regardless of the payment option, you have the option of expanding the storage at any time based on their posted pricing (and promotions) at time of upgrade.

Start your online backup today by signing up with iBackUp and GCInfotech will help ensure that your company’s move to the cloud  is a smooth and painless process.