The following testimonials speak to the extraordinary IT services that GCInfotech provides to its clients.

“I have always found GCInfotech technicians to be professional, responsive, trustworthy  and knowledgeable.  Most important to me, they possess excellent communication skills.  They have brought The Volunteer Center into the 21st century.”
– Roberta, Executive Director, Non-Profit

“GCInfotech acts like our in-house tech department. They understand the needs and budgetary constraints of a small business.  GCInfotech provides excellent IT service and are always accessible on the phone, regardless of the situation. We have been a happy client of GCInfotech for the past four years and plan on staying with them for a very long time!”
– Laurie, Principal, Recruiting

“One of your technicians came, did what he had to do, and left.  He’s not only talented but also a nice guy.  As I told him, that was the best phone call I made all week. I’m most appreciative.”
– Peter, Law

“Our company became a GCInfotech client in 2011 and we’ve been extremely impressed with their IT services. They have done everything from helping us migrate to a new internet supplier to finding and removing a bad virus from one of our laptops. Not only do their consultants do an excellent job with ongoing IT maintenance and support, they’ve also been great about suggesting ways to improve our structure and system security and backup. When it comes to IT support, GCInfotech really offers a pro-active and complete solution.”
– Laura, Chief Operating Officer, Educational and Family Marketing

“GCInfotech is one of the best service providers our organization has had the pleasure of using.  As an organization, we needed an entire overhaul to our out dated computer system including software, servers, hardware and email providers.  As a non-profit organization, we needed to be very cost conscientious.  GCInfotech provided us with a comprehensive analysis of how to address our needs within a price structure we could work with. In our opinion, the most valuable piece of GCInfotech is the service provided after installation.  The entire staff at GCInfotech  is  knowledgeable, courteous and, most important, available. We are pleased and confident in extending our highest recommendation for GCInfotech.”
– Cyndi, Office Manager, Community Recreational Center

“Our company (with 4 locations) became a GCInfotech client in 2010 and we’ve been very happy with their IT services. Not only do their consultants do an excellent job with ongoing IT maintenance and support, they’ve also been great about taking on extra assignments. When it comes to IT support, GCInfotech really offers a complete solution.”
– Simon, Hospitality

“GCInfotech has demonstrated they are a professional, dedicated and customer focused IT services and support organization.”
– Rich, Managing Director, Business Consulting

“GCInfotech was able to fully recover my hard drive’s content after a major hardware failure in my computer. I had difficulty getting immediate attention from other system professionals, however GCInfotech was able to provide a solution within 24 hours when time was of the essence. They were also able to do this at a rate 80% less than the average disaster recovery cost.”
– Bill, Waste Management

“Thank you so much for all your help.  You handled all our programming needs.  We thought for a second we were sold a phone system that again wouldn’t give us the functions are business needed.  It is always amazing how the sales guy sells you on the bells and whistles – yet the building blocks of the phone system are what is always lacking.  Thank you for doing the extensive programming on time stamping our queue…now our call center of 60 people can expect calls to be distributed evenly and timely.  This will increase our company performance and overall bottom line.  Thank you for expediting our request and getting the queue done in a relatively short period of time.  I never heard of anyone in IT sticking to a schedule – you guys actually beat it.  Thanks again and I look forward to doing more work with you.”
– Frank, VP Operations, Financial Services

“Thanks very much for putting one of your technicians on the job. He was very helpful over the phone yesterday, and I really appreciated the fact that he came to our home. Evidently my laptop caught a bad virus and your technician really saved the day. I tried to fix it myself which just made it worse. The technician was very thorough and patient, taking the time to walk me through the steps to fix it, and explaining how he solved the problem. Not only did he scan and clean the software, but I think he even washed my keyboard and polished my screen! Thanks for bringing him on board – it really saved our day.”
– Rich, Financial Services

“GCInfotech worked with me and the rest of our research team to assess and define a project plan to automate our complex data analysis process which has always been manual.  They quickly identified and understood our key needs and suggested creative and cost-efficient solutions to addressing them. GCInfotech successfully utilized open source software in a variety of areas to save us both up-front and on-going cost for our enterprise-level custom software development project.”
– Brad, Management Consulting