More than 2,000 small businesses sign up for Google Apps for Work every day.

We can help you get it up and running.

As Cloud computing becomes more mainstream, more small businesses are relying on Google Apps for enterprise email, networking, collaboration and data backup. Google Apps requires no additional hardware or software and needs minimal administration, providing tremendous time and cost savings for businesses. There is no need to worry about purchasing hardware, no time spent on server maintenance, no worry about software upgrades, patches or downtime.

While Google Apps for Work is an intuitive and low maintenance platform, there are still aspects of the decision that require planning and troubleshooting. Migrating a business to ANY cloud program is a big decision that will impact all aspects of your business forever.


GCInfotech is a leading provider of Google Apps for small businesses.

We can help make sure that the transition is smart, safe and effective.

Our goal is to best identify your unique needs, so that we can make the right recommendations for your business.

We have a complete lineup of innovative and affordable web-based tools to help your business grow. Our initial discovery meeting will help us determine what features of Google Apps will be most appropriate for you, and if transitioning is the right move.

You should consider the move to Google Apps for Work based on these benefits:

Proven Cost Savings

Google deploys Google Apps for Work to your business right over the Web at a fraction of the cost of installed systems. This means that in the long run Google Apps can provide a significantly lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Mobile email, contacts, and calendar

With Google for Work Suite your business can access mail, contacts, calendar, office tools and cloud sharing tools anywhere and anytime you have an internet connection – whether on your mobile device, laptop, or tablet.

Enhanced Communication and Collaboration

Remember waiting endlessly for attachments to download or files to deploy to customers? Share information, don’t send it. Google docs offer real-time document editing cuts down the hassle of sending large files and version management frustration.


Minimum Training Required

Anyone familiar with Gmail will already know how to use it. Google Apps for Work offers a simple, intuitive interface, limiting the need for extensive training resources for end-users.


Business Continuity

Google Apps is available at least 99.9% of the time. This improves employee productivity and reduces the stress created worrying about system downtime.


We understand how a Google Apps migration will impact your business and will ensure it is done properly.

Contact us for a consultation. We will help determine if this transition is right for you.

Our goal is to identify your needs, so that we can make recommendations that are best for your enterprise.

Call us at 203 327 5700 to take the first step.

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