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Is your memory in the clouds?

The “cloud” is a business metaphor representing the internet, which more and more people are leveraging to store and manage their data and applications. Incorporating your business into the cloud, aptly dubbed “cloud computing,” allows you to conduct your affairs over virtual servers without using a byte of your own processing power. This notion took the business world by storm in 2007, and has rapidly expanded as more companies begin to offer a variety of cloud computing solutions to help your business.

Analysts still debate its definition, though essentially it’s described as the ability to use data and software over the internet instead of on your computer’s hard drive. Using the internet to house documents and data eliminates the need to invest up-front in costly infrastructure and hire someone to implement and maintain it. This makes computing significantly less expensive at inception, especially for smaller companies that may just have a few computers. Instead, these operational costs are spread out over time, and over a large pool of customers/companies.  That way, each customer uses just the portion of “cloud” resources that they need.

Obviously technology plays a major role in most businesses, even if your business isn’t technology. So by focusing more of your efforts on getting your product to market instead of spending resources on the sustainability of your technology infrastructure makes sense.Beware, though, of issues that directly affect your bottom line. Aside from security and control, what are the most cost effective ways to do business in the cloud, or how do you keep data in sync, and how do you manage relationships between applications in your office that point to data in the cloud? As your company grows, do you want to continue to pay a margin on resources from the cloud service companies, or can you implement your particular systems’ infrastructure more cheaply than the cloud service companies charge for it? Furthermore, will the cloud service companies continue to share the declining cost of hardware with their customers? There are many factors that must be considered.

At the onset, behemoth companies like Google and Amazon helped give shape to the cloud computing concept, but today there are over a 100 legitimate vendors out there with their heads in the clouds. Solutions continue to evolve, and more vendors are joining the bandwagon. Maybe it’s time to discuss with your IT consultant whether or not cloud computing is right for your business before you spend money on additional or new infrastructure.