Microsoft Office 365 is made up of cloud versions of Microsoft Exchange Server 2013, SharePoint 2013 and Microsoft Lync Server, which can all be accessed through a web browser interface. With so many different products in the Microsoft Office 365 Suite, comprehensively covering the migration process is a challenge. GCInfotech helped an organization migrate 600 mailboxes in multiple locations and didn’t miss a message.

Moving any organization to Office 365 is a multi-phased project that requires expertise in project management, change management, technical consulting, and technical support. For the small to mid-sized business (SMB), migrating to Office 365 comes with its own set of challenges, but support from GCInfotech can make this transition easier.bnr-office365-cloud

  • Your business may not have the level of Project Management skills required to plan and document every aspect of the migration.
  • You may have few (if any) IT staff with the extensive technical skills and experience needed to configure Office 365 correctly; move your emails without loss or interruption; and resolve any issues that occur.
  • You may well be restricted by budget or time, or worried about the disruption to your business, like many of our clients.

Take advantage of the many features without downtime, loss of communications, or difficult application migrations for your employees. Your business can continue to operate as usual while GCInfotech’s experienced technicians switch you over without interruption.

But even after a successful migration to Office 365, your needs for Office 365 support is likely to continue. As with most critical business applications, Microsoft provides Office 365 support and service upgrades on a regular basis-but unless you’re a technology guru, you might prefer to entrust an expert with implementing these key system changes. Here again, assistance from GCInfotech can help keep your infrastructure running at its maximum performance, and minimize the risk of interruption to your communications backbone.

What’s new to you is familiar to us: GCInfotech is in the business of providing Office 365 Support as well as supporting other IT technologies.

When we perform your migration to Office 365, you can rest assured that we’ve done it before and know how to do it right. Don’t “learn by doing” on your most critical applications, when GCInfotech can do it for you, quickly and reliably.

Invest in solutions, not headcount: GCInfotech’s personnel receive comprehensive training directly from Microsoft before they work on your system. That’s your assurance of expertise in performing your migration to Office 365 and continuing Office 365 support.

Count on depth of services: GCInfotech’s engineers, technicians, managers, and staff work as a team to ensure your satisfaction with every task we perform for you. Got an Office 365 support or upgrade question? Call us for the answers. We won’t stop working until you get the solutions you need to keep your business running smoothly.

Get a Single Source for all your Needs

Starting with your migration to Office 365, and continuing through desktop services, cloud computing technologyremote IT solutions, remote disaster recovery, outsourcing disaster recovery and managed infrastructure services, GCInfotech is the one source you can count on for all of your support requirements. Because we can work on all aspects of your information technology, we can develop an end-to-end perspective to meet all your business computing needs-and thereby offer you better, integrated services than single-solution providers.

GCInfotech can help you take full advantage of your investment in Microsoft’s Office 365 solution, whether you’re just beginning the process of adopting it, or facing the challenges of upgrading, maintaining, and optimizing a system that’s already in place. Find out how with a complimentary Microsoft Office 365 consultation from GCInfotech.

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