As a small business owner you should worried about uptime.  In fact, it might be one of your major concerns.  If your computer systems aren’t up and running, then you are experiencing lost productivity, increased costs, lower levels of customer service, reduced employee morale and other problems you really don’t have time to deal with.  So what can you do about it? Plenty and GCInfotech can guide you each step of the way.

Many organizations start by completing an inventory of their IT equipment with the goal of identifying your Single Points of Failure (SPOFs).  GCInfotech can work with you on the inventory and identify your single points of failure, then devise a plan to implement corrective actions.  We’ll look at each component to determine if the failure of that device could cause an impact to your operations.  For example, if you only have one hard drive storing important company data, you have a single point of failure.

Once we have identified your SPOFs, the next step is to perform a business risk analysis of your equipment, systems, employees, and procedures.  We will make sure to include your email, operating systems and software applications.  The business risk analysis will identify the impact to your organization should you experience a specific IT related failure. For example, what is the impact to your organization should your internet connect go down or a printer stop functioning?

The business risk analysis examines time and its impact to your organization.  At what point does having your printer down move from low priority to medium to high?  Maybe you can last a couple of days without a printer or perhaps even weeks if you have other printers in your office.  If internet connectivity is important to you, and you only have one line, it may be high priority from the first hour of downtime.

Now that you have a business risk analysis and inventory of your IT equipment, the last step is a plan to build in redundancy and/or replacement.  In the printer down example, you may be able to shift printing from the down device to another printer in your office.  If internet connectivity is critical, as it is with most businesses today, you may need to install a second line.  A RAID system may help protect you from a hard drive failure or, you might need mirrored (identical) systems in different parts of the country.

If reliability and uptime is important to you as it is with most small businesses, identifying your Single Points of Failure is your first step to increasing confidence in your computer systems. Find out more about networking & business continuity and how they can help you increase employee efficiency, reduce costs, enhance your competitive edge, and improve your levels of customer service.

Not sure where to start? Give GCInfotech a call to discuss the available solutions that would work best for your company. Together, we can make your business work smarter, faster and more efficiently.

As always, GCInfotech can walk you through the process, ensure your business has the least amount of disruption and set up a structure that will keep you running smoothly well into the future. Give us a call at 888.323.3066.