At GCInfotech, we are committed to working with you, the client, from day one. Together, we can make your business work smarter, faster and more efficiently.

Our project methodology is designed to keep you active and able in the decision making process. We are committed to a policy of thorough consultation and will educate you on all of your options along the way. It combines sound IT project management and engineering processes with best practices we have adopted based on more than 25 years of experience.

How it works.


Learn the Business Process – Manage IT Smarter.
The first step in helping your business work smarter is to sit down with you and understand the business. Knowledge is power and the more we know, the better off we are.  So bring it on!

info_iconAssess all Relevant Needs.
Once we understand your business, we can then get down to the issues.  Sometimes what you think are big problems are easily solved, but we find something else along the way.   We take the time to hear what your priorities are before making recommendations.

paper_iconDevise Appropriate IT Solutions.
The solution not only has to fit the problem, but it also has to fit your business strategy, your budget and your comfort zone.  Sometimes you just need a quick fix to get you through to the next stage, and sometimes you need a bigger fix to help you create the next stage.

communication_icon Establish a Communication Plan.
A consistent stream of communication is important for ensuring everyone is on the same page, as well as keeping track of how the project is progressing. Its our goal to not only address the issues in the best possible way, but to ensure you are completely satisfied throughout the process.

people_iconMonitor Progress and Facilitate Adjustments.
Working through business issues is almost always a work in progress – its how you adjust the plan along the way that is the key to success. We believe in constant monitoring to ensure we come up with the right end product.

bar_graph_icon_100Deploy and Evaluate the Final Product.
With constant communication and monitoring, the end product should be just about perfect for deployment. GCInfotech is committed to a project from beginning to end, so even upon deployment we work tirelessly to be sure everything is right.

PageLines- green_icon.pngProvide Ongoing Maintenance.
We love to watch our little chickens fly the coop, but like any good parent, we are available for ongoing support and maintenance. We are an IT solutions business and are invested for the long haul.


Your Total I.T. Business Resource

Since 2003, GCInfotech has brought dedicated and professional technology solutions to businesses. We believe computing solutions should be flexible, scalable, secure and customizable. Let's make it work for you.

Don't Take Our Word For It.

GCInfotech prides itself on not only our technical, but also our attention to detail and customer service. If you're not happy, what's the point? But don't take our word for it, see what our clients have to say about us.

IT Experts at Your Fingertips.

Let us be an extension of your IT department. You can save time and money by outsourcing IT services to us without sacrificing on service and reliability. We'll walk you through how its done. We offer IT services in NYC, CT and NJ.

Is your website helping your business?

The dynamic design and development of your website plays a critical role in any successful marketing strategy. Is your site working for you the way you want it to?

Your servers need regular tune-ups.

Just like your car, your network and servers both need regular maintenance and constant attention. GCInfotech offers network and server support programs to keep your business technology up and running at optimal performance.

Is Your Business Secure?

Business continuity is vital to success. Will your company survive? In our interconnected world, virtually every aspect of your company’s operation is exposed to disruption. Research shows your business is more vulnerable than you think.