Office 365 comes with different storage and sharing options to make
business owners more productive. Two of these are OneDrive and
SharePoint, both of which have a long list of features and benefits.
Which option is best for you? Keep reading for the answer.

for a secure platform to manage your files? Where do you go for help?
Should you choose SharePoint or settle for OneDrive instead? If any of
those terms sound Greek to you, don’t worry. You don’t need a degree in
computer science to figure it out. This article will give you the
lowdown on what to expect from these services.

Both SharePoint and
OneDrive are cloud-based services from Microsoft that allow you to
store, share, and sync files across different devices. SharePoint was
released in 2001 and reportedly has over 190 million users. OneDrive, on
the other hand, was launched in 2007 and has more than 250 million

SharePoint is marketed mainly as a document management and
storage system, but it can be configured to do much more than that.
OneDrive, which was previously known as SkyDrive and Windows Live
Folders, is part of the Office suite of online services.

What the two have in common
For starters, both platforms make use of Office 365 to help companies
organize information and share this with others. To keep things secure,
documents go to a cloud drive, so employees can easily track changes in a
single file that is stored in one central location. One of the main
reasons these platforms are so popular is because users can add comments
and notes using real-time collaboration. Since data can be synchronized
and is readily available, everyone sees the most up-to-date information
regardless of how they view the document.

With OneDrive, it’s personal
OneDrive makes use of a SharePoint backdrop to work. This connects the
two programs. The difference is that OneDrive is made for an individual,
and the user remains in control even if the file is shared to different
people. This means multiple teams can collaborate simultaneously as
long as the original owner shares the document via a secure link. That
person determines who can edit and view the file.

There’s more to SharePoint
With SharePoint, employees throughout the company can view and edit the
stored file. Changes are tracked and higher-ups will know who is
working on the document. This is ideal for human resource surveys or
updates that need the attention of other team members.

SharePoint and OneDrive, businesses can improve the way they work. If
you want to learn how online document sharing programs can improve your
company’s visibility and productivity, get in touch with us now. We’re
here for you.

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